Location tracking made smart, fast and secure

AssistPlus is an extremely accurate location tracker which will prove to be of use n various industry verticals including companies, warehouses, old age homes, logistics, inventory management and much more. This Bluetooth / iBeacon based assistant will help you keep track of the exact location of a resource in an organization, thereby ensuring maximum safety and security inside the organization.

Industry-standard wireless protocol that allows for multi-vendor interoperability

Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption that gives the ability to run for month(s) on standard coin-cell batteries

Standardized application development architecture that leads to low development and operational costs

How AssistPlus works

AssistPlus works based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Employees in an organization will be given a smart ID card equipped with the BeaconPlus device. Offices will have beacon receivers installed within the building premises. These receivers will keep track of the smart ID cards nearby by means of which the location and movement paths of employees can be traced. The management will get detailed reports on the real-time location and activities of employees within the office premises. They will also receive instant notifications of any unusual or activities of the employees. .

How AssistPlus can transform your work environment

The intuitive tools in AssistPlus will help you transform your workplace management for the better. Right from simplifying processes to improving profit levels, AssistPlus is equipped with all the tools required to ensure that you make the best out of our organization workforce.

Employee Management

AssistPlus lets you monitor the location, movement and activities of employees in an organization. This helps organizations conduct in-depth analysis of time spent by each employee during the office hours.

Access control

Assistplus lets you define allowed and restricted areas for employees within the building premises and gives you instant alerts if a person enters an unauthorized area.

Asset Tracking

With AssistPlus you can monitor and manage assets effectively with minimum manual effort, which will help in ensuring that there are no more lost items, and help achieve faster and more accurate stock collection and status monitoring.

Performance Analysis

AssistPlus gives you accurate analysis of the work efficiency and productivity of each of the employees, which in turn will inspire the employees to put in their best at work.

Security Features

AssistPlus gives you instant alerts when employees enter an unsafe zone in the office, hence prompting the authorities to take the appropriate action at the earliest to avoid any mishap.

Employee optimization

Assistplus helps you optimize the performance of your workforce by making sure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time


AssistPlus is a multi-utility platform that can be used in various industry verticals for people and asset tracking. The benefits of AssistPlus scale over a multitude of applications in diverse scenarios. Currently, AssistPlus is customized for use in companies, warehouses and old age homes for location and activity tracking of entities.