Beaconplus Cloud

BeaconPlus Cloud provides a collection of tools for you to manage all your location services from a single platform; you can control deployments, content, user behavior, beacons etc. BeaconPlus removes the programmer barrier for creating a micro location targeted content delivery. Our beacon management console allows user to track beacon statistics and hardware parameters. BeaconPlus analysis tool provide you valuable reports which can be integrated to any BI tools. You can control data pushing trigger from simple user interface. Create a trial account and enjoy BeaconPlus cloud.

Beacon Monitoring & Management

BeaconPlus can monitor and manage thousands of beacons in the field remotely.

Indoor Positioning & Navigation

Navigating inside large shopping malls, museums, airports, office buildings, college campuses, manufacturing plants, conference and convention venues

Event Setting

BeaconPlus’s Beacon Script lets you quickly deploy beacon triggered ads, instant coupons, and product information offering.

Analytic Reporting

All beacon usages and activities are monitored and logged for analytic reporting. A Web-based reporting tool provides statistics.