Beaconplus SDK
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BeaconPlus SDK allows easy integration of low energy location services including Apple iBeacon technology and BLE proximity profiles into your smartphone applications. BeaconPlus SDK supports our own beacon and other popular vendors. Our Android SDK can detect iBeacon devices and eddy stone .

  • Any app can offer Beacon based promotion service just integrating BeaconPlus SDK
  • iBeacon Compatible
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile supported
BeaconPlus SDK is designed with powerful APIs that reduce the programming effort from the developer. It also ensures that the battery usage is minimized. We have customizable Geofencing technology to deliver the location information even if application is not running. We use Geofencing magic to enable smart caching of location contents


SDK & Documentation Downloads

SDK Version Size Download Documentaion Downloads
Android SDK 1.1 4.82 MB Download SDK Java Docs QuickStart
iOS SDK 1.1.5 7.03 MB Download SDK Apple Docs QuickStart

Download Demo App

Explore the world around you using location based information delivery and contextual awareness capabilities of BeaconPlus application. To use this app, kindly register your organisation with Pinmicro

The app works in conjunction with BeaconPlus cloud and Apple’s latest iBeacon technology. You can access the many splendid features of BeaconPlus cloud here


Download BeaconManager app


Application Setup Guide

Download Application Setup guide from here.