Attendance will be tracked automatically and made available in digital form.
Administrator will get notified if a student happens to stay alone in a classroom, playground etc. for a longer period of time.
Students activity indicator will help in identifying the child’s behaviour in the school.
Helps in Identifying a student’s unapproved exit from the school .
School can define safe and no-entry zones and any unauthorized entry to the no-entry zone can be tracked and instant alerts can be generated.
Notification for kids entry and exit from school.
Real time information of Child's location can be provided to the parents on demand.
To and fro transportation of the child can be tracked


The App will provide the Arrival and Departure timings of the bus , both at the bus stop and at the school for the child's onward and return trip. It also sends an alert when the bus reaches the previous stop during pick up as well as drop . The app will provide the approximate time for the bus to reach the child's bus stop , there by helping the parent and the child to be ready for the pick up as well as drop . With this app , the Parents as well as the Teacher can track the Child's travel to and fro .


Alerts will be sent to Parents and Teachers through the app mentioning the pick up , drop and delays if any . As soon as the child boards the bus, the driver will update the information in the app which in turn will be sent to the parents and teachers alike . The same way , when the child reaches the school , the information gets updated in the app and gets intimated to the parents and teacher . By means of this the parents will get to know the exact location of the child and the teacher will get updated on the Child's availability on all the working days .


Attendance is registered easily through this app . Its an automated event , whereby the bus staff will get updated about the student's availability at each pick up point .The parents will then be intimated about the child's attendance.

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