Attendance will be tracked automatically and made available in digital form.
Administrator will get notified if a student happens to stay alone in a classroom, playground etc. for a longer period of time.
Students activity indicator will help in identifying the child’s behaviour in the school.
Helps in Identifying a student’s unapproved exit from the school .
School can define safe and no-entry zones and any unauthorized entry to the no-entry zone can be tracked and instant alerts can be generated.
Notification for kids entry and exit from school.
Real time information of Child's location can be provided to the parents on demand.
To and fro transportation of the child can be tracked

How it works?


Our app can provide exact location of your child and also track the movement of vehicle or students. Appropriate location of the student will be accessible to the Teacher as well as the parent .


Report section shows extracted patterns, trends and actionable information from large set of data.Fully automated overall summary of class attendance,student attendance and tracks the path covered by students.

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