A self - service device management platform for Pinmicro customers!

A self - service device management platform for Pinmicro customers.
A platform to explore the capabilities of Pinmicro beacon devices. The portal lets you experiment location tracking with our beacons through a plug and play demonstration model. Manage and monitor your Pinmicro account and devices without external support from the service desk.

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A beacon based live event analysis platform that helps in tracking the visitor movement in real time and the time they spend in each area/booth.

For Exhibitors

Helps you to know the details of customers beforehand thereby targeting right customers at the right time.

For Organizers

Real time monitoring of crowds that helps in drawing the exhibition trends.Find the most common path and most often visited booths

Eco Friendly

Every visitor information is a digital record, which helps us to keep the world green

Know your target

Categorize the visitors using their visit history and thereby pushing ads of interests
This Bluetooth / iBeacon based assistant will tell you where your resources are located in the organization . It ensures the safety and security inside the organization . Attendance and timecard can be fully automated using this platform . The solution is also proven to be effective in other areas such as factory management, logistics and inventory management.

Accuracy is the motto

Everything is automatic. So accuracy and reliability is at premium .

Securitry ensured

Make areas of restricted entry secure by preventing unauthorized access

Say Good Bye to swipe in

Just walk into your office to register your presence.

Somebody is there??

Gives you real time view of occupancy in your office premises.

A smart solution that would steadily help retailers in boosting their sales by
effective management and real time monitoring of customer trends

Good Services

Good Service
Helps you to allocate shop attendants to required areas on real time basis.

Million Value Data

Good Service
Analytics services gives you data to know shopping trend

Hot Paths

Good Service
To know areas most often visited by customers

Customer Friendly

Good Service
No overhead on customers. All what is required is a smart cart.


Pinmicro provides a range of iBeacon compatible Bluetooth devices with Beacons, BeaconSense and BeaconLinks as our major products.

Beaconplus Beacons

Beacon Card is our hardware solution to solve most of smart RF device requirements using Bluetooth low energy / iBeacon protocol. These devices are resistant to water and dust.

BeaconPlus Tag is a small wireless Bluetooth low energy device that broadcasts radio signals, which most of the BLE/iBeacon enabled devices can detect.


BeaconSense is an intelligent hardware using Bluetooth low energy technology which can detect and collect information from surrounding beacons.


BeaconLink is pinmicro’s Bluetooth- wifi gateway. This Smart Bluetooth gateway acts as a communication bridge between beacon network and the cloud.


CloudSense is Pinmicro’s new series of beacon scanner which can directly connect with BeaconPlus cloud. CloudSense is using Bluetooth low energy technology scanner which can detect and collect information from surrounding beacons. This device is having communication capability built over Wifi 2.4GHz protocol, which is used to transfer the collected information to the cloud. CloudSense have built-in storage capability to keep collected information.


SerialSense is Pinmicro’s new beacon scanner which can directly communicate with USB port. SerialSense is using Bluetooth low energy technology scanner which can detect and collect information from surrounding beacons. Serial port communication ability opens new business area for beacons.

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