A guide to ensure the safety of students during online learning sessions

stay safe in online classes

Now that the “new normal” is going to still linger for a little while longer, it’s still hard to believe that almost a year ago that schools and learning had taken a hard hit forcing children to take online classes from home instead of going to school. For the major part of 2020,  we have seen an unprecedented amount in adoption of online learning platforms and services by schools and eduplus has also been delivering quality education right to the students’ homes virtually to over 20,000 students across the globe.  With all of this the privacy and safety of these students should also not be taken lightly and to help […]

Back to School: Smart and Safe

COVID-19 has been devastating everyday activities of the general public and this has led to a halt in operations of educational institutions. As things start getting back to the ‘new normal’, new and innovative features have been added to eduplus to enable the school management, parents, teachers, and students to get back on track with their daily operations and learning. These features are aimed at providing the best possible ways to function with higher efficiency and also at the same time maintain the necessary precautions on the premises. Schools can not only eliminate avoidance costs of closing entire facilities (in case of potential infections) by leveraging advance contact tracing capabilities […]

A future proof school management system? It’s eduplus

The demand for school management systems and online learning platforms have risen exponentially in just a couple of months ago thanks to a global pandemic ravaging every part of the globe. Were there any solution like these before the pandemic? If yes, were they as good as they are right now? Will the demand dwindle off once the pandemic is over? These are looming questions one might ask. The real question should be, are these school management systems offering any value once the pandemic is over, and can they be successful products? eduplus was launched months before people even came to know about Covid-19 and was already gearing up for […]

eduplus: Before, During and after Covid 19

With the increase in transition to online learning for students across the globe owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the predicament now changes from what is the best online conferencing software to what is the most viable platform which can cater to all academic needs of schools while they operate remotely without any hassles.  According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), currently, there are roughly about 1.2 Billion children from 186 countries affected by school closures due to the pandemic. It has also estimated even before Covid-19 that there was already a global investment of about US $18.66 Billion in 2019 and due to Covid-19, the projection rate to 2025 is […]