• Credit card size beacon from Pinmicro
  • Credit card size beacon from Pinmicro
  • Credit card size beacon from Pinmicro

Beacon Card

• BLE 4.2 / Bluetooth 5.0 / iBeacon
• NFC (optional)
• IP66 rated [Water proof / Dust proof]
• 4.0 mm thickness, Credit Card Size
• Upto 4 years of Battery life

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Beacon Cards can be used as an ID card to get into offices or Smart pass for entrance to events.

Beacons Cards can be used as an area detecting tool and for proximity marketing.



Beacon Card is our most preferred hardware that leverages our IoT RTLS platform. They continuously keep transmitting Bluetooth signals which will be received by Bluetooth sensors and send location data and other information to the Cloud. These devices are IP66 rated which makes them resistant to water and dust. Beacon Cards resemble a credit card size in thickness which makes them easy to use & handle. They have applications in multiple industries and range from ID cards to Booth Tagging and more


Property Value Unit
Radio Frequency band 2.4 GHz
RF protocol BLE
Transmitting powers +4,+3,0,-4,-8,-12,-16,-20,-40 dB
Receiver sensitivity -93 dB
Size & Weight Width 53.98 mm
Height 85.6 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Weight 16 gm
Power Built-in battery 800 mAh
Case Material ABS plastic
Operating Temperature -10 to +60 °C
Operating Voltage 3 V
Water-dust resistance IP 65
Battery life* 4 Years

*Depends upon transmission interval and transmission power.

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