• BLE 4.2 / Bluetooth 5.0
• Built-in Storage
• Beacon Scanner
• Bluetooth to Bluetooth Connectivity
• Battery Powered (optional)

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BeaconSense can be used to transfer location and other relvant data in areas with minimal Wifi connectivity using Bluetooth to Bluetooth connectivity.

BeaconSense is a Beacon Scanner that detects the presence of any Bluetooth signals transmitted by Beacons or Sensors, converts them to relevant data and sends them to an IoT Gateway to be pushed to the cloud.

Property Value Unit
Radio RF protocol BLE
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
Transmitting power 0 or -20 dB
Receiver Sensitivity -93 dB
Size and Weight Length 114 mm
Width 63 mm
Height 12 mm
Color White
Weight 50 gm
Power Battery lipo
3.7V DC
Rechargeable battery 1800mah
Memory Flash 2 Mbit
EPROM 1 Mbit
Case material ABS plastic
Operation Operating temperature -10 to +60 °C
Operating voltage 5 V

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