BeaconPlus SDK allows you to make use of Apple ’s iBeacon technology using the CoreLocation framework. It allows the developer to built contextual awareness applications. To learn more about the SDK and how to integrate the SDK into your Xcode project, please read our SDK documentation.


BeaconPlus SDK uses Apple ’s recently introduced iBeacon technology and hence the minimum hardware version required to build the SDK is iOS 7. The SDK consists of 4 classes, viz BeaconPlus, Spot, Content, Properties

BeaconPlus is the starting point of the library.It consists of all those methods and API that are available to the public.The process of initializing the SDK, managing beacon ranging, cache management are all done via calls received to this class.It gives informations on the regions as the user moves along.

The Spot class holds the entire information related to a spot.The class instance is passed to the receiver via the delegate methods on spot entry and exit updates.The instance holds an array of Content assigned to the spot each of which in turn carries an array of Properties.

The Content class holds the entire information related to a content.The instance consists of an array of Properties with all the information regarding the various tags and values added to it along with the other basic information.

Properties represents the different entities that make up a content.The information to be displayed on event updates are stored in properties .

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