Run your business more efficiently with a digital twin using location data.

Our IoT powered RTLS platform enables digital twinning of your
physical assets in real-time.

Our Solution in 4-Steps

Enhance your business performance with minimal overhead and quick implementation.

1 Tag your Resources

Easily tag your business resources (workforce/assets/inventory) with any of our physical or mobile-integrated "Smart Tags". Geo-fence business areas with our accurate and easy-to-install "Smart Sensor" gateway devices.

2 Locate in Real-Time

Track and monitor your tagged business resources instantly in real-time without complicated installations. Create and manage customised alerts / notifications / workflows to streamline your business operations.

3 Get Business Insights

Analyze your operational data using powerful dashboards and reports. Observe historical data trends, movement summaries and predictive analytics. Leverage AI-powered algorithms to get tangible insights.

4 Generate Savings

Use your operations data reports
along with predictive analytics to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource usage. Leverage location intelligence to operate smarter, more efficiently and continuously enhance business performance.

Maximise business value with our extremely reliable technology platform for faster ROIs and higher savings.

Deploy quickly.
Maximize your ROI.

We own the entire technology stack (Hardware, Software and Support) which ensures quick deployments and fasters returns.
All-in-One Solution

Focus on your business.
Forget the platform.

Our solutions are highly scalable at an enterprise-level capable of running efficiently that lets you focus more on your business operations while obtaining relevant business insights.

Enterprise-Scale Platform

Obtain Quality Data.
Reap transforming results.

AI-powered analytics drive our data which are stored in secure encrypted servers ensure that our solutions deliver tangible reports to expedite your business performance.
Secure Business Analytics

Expedite transformation.
Fast results matter.

Obtain quick RoI and enhanced business performance in a faster manner with our solutions which in turn would boost the overall efficiency of your business.
Enhanced Business Performance


Improve bottom-line savings across any industry by using real-time location intelligence of your resources.


Healthcare & Hospitals

Staff Locating, Asset Management, Patient Monitoring, Facility Management

Logistics & Warehouses

Warehouse Management, Smart Inventory, Facility monitoring, Safety & Security

Shopping & Retail

Customer Engagement, Proximity Marketing, Footfall Analysis

Smart Workspaces

Wayfinding, Safety & Security, Space & Cost Optimization, Meeting Automations

Travel & Tourism

Smart Airports, Virtual Guides, Safety & Security, Proximity Marketing


Manufacturing & Construction

Site Safety & Security, Equipment Tracking, Attendance Automation, Asset Utilization


Student Safety, Academic Modules, Bus Tracking, Real-time Location, Fee Payment

mobility pinmicro


Vehicle Tracking, Asset Management, Assembly Line Monitoring, Spot Locating

Events & Conferences

Business Matchmaking, Real-time Navigation, Booth Performances

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Featured Case Studies

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Our class-leading rugged hardware will make sure that your location data is accurate and will seamlessly send it to your systems.

Hardware + Platform SDK

Gain an entry into our ecosystem by using both our hardware and software so you’ll get to experience how our solutions work firsthand.

Business Solution Bundle
(All inclusive)

You will have the entire feature set of our solution at your disposal. Witness the real-time benefits of RTLS which translate to maximum business performance.