Digitally transform your business assets with the world's best enterprise IoT-based RTLS platform

It’s pretty obvious. We’re business transformation pioneers using our all-in-one real-time location analytics solution.
Digitizing your physical resources

Pioneering Real-time Location Systems

Fast, Smart, Secure

Real-time Locating & Tracing

Digital transformation for business operations

Smart Hardware that powers the platform

All-in-One Solution
Experience the simplicity of our fully integrated Hardware – Cloud – Software solution.
Quickly deploy. Maximize your ROI.
Enterprise-Scale Platform
Powerful architecture to support business critical operations reliably at enterprise-scale.
Focus on your business. Forget the platform.

Accelerate Transformation

Transform rapidly with really fast implementations and minimum overheads.

Expedite transformation. Fast results matter.

AI at the Forefront

AI powered analytics and insights for highly accurate and relevant data to improve bottom line profits.

Obtain Quality Data. Reap transforming results.


Our Extensive Reach

We help our clients lead into the future with deep industry expertise, capabilities and differentiated value.

Digital advancements and focus on customer centric business models is creating new opportunities for enterprises. Our digital architecture drives outcomes for enterprises across five areas – Experience, Insight, Innovate, Accelerate and Assure.

Our Offerings

Our solutions across industries foster innovation helping enterprises adapt to new realities of business and technology.


Staff Locating, Asset Management, Patient Monitoring, Facility Management


Warehouse Management, Smart Inventory, Facility monitoring, Safety & Security

Shopping & Retail

Customer Engagement, Proximity Marketing, Footfall Analysis

Smart Workspaces

Wayfinding, Safety & Security, Space & Cost Optimization, Meeting Automations

Travel & Tourism

Smart Airports, Virtual Guides,Safety & Security, Proximity Marketing


Site Safety & Security, Equipment Tracking, Attendance Automation, Asset Utilization

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