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A great product is about hiring the best people, nurturing a creative environment and driving innovation.

We create a culture of innovation – one that both values and rewards risk. This is how we build the world’s best RTLS platform.

Our Culture

Work hard, play harder

In a space where innovation and hard work thrives, we ensure that it’s very important to cool down and have fun at the same time.

— Challenge yourself

If you’d like to push yourself to the limits to bring out the best in you, this will be your place.

— Being transparent

Throughout our quest to be the best, we encourage everybody or anybody in our team to voice out their opinions or ideas which may end up being our next big thing.

— Support and win

When we empower others to succeed, we all win. (And we’re not talking about participation trophies.)

— Open communication

We’re big fans of transparency for many reasons, but the abridged version is: it makes easier.

— Its all about teamwork

We work together to bring our passions and expertise to make Pinmicro the best it can be.

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