Bring your customers !! Proximity marketing and coupon delivery

If your shop is located at, not so easily accessible parts of a shopping Mall, there are chances that you may miss out on some good amount of customers. These types of situations occur when the customers find it difficult to reach the specified location or if they are unaware of your shop or about […]

The guide for you in a Shopping Mall!!: Indoor navigation

Suppose you are planning to visit a Shopping Mall which was recently opened. The place is so crowded. How easily could you locate a shop of your choice, if you are in there for the first time? Tough isn’t it? You might get the direction maps inside the shopping mall, or you could ask for […]

Solutions that serve your needs!!

With mobile phones and other wireless devices taking over the world, marketing strategies have also gone considerable change when compared to the past years. Online shopping is slowly becoming the choice of most of the customers. So the need of the hour for all retail sales is to take up innovative ideas that would help […]