Driving Digitization Across Businesses using Location-Based Technology

The discovery of many disruptive technologies has been a blessing to numerous enterprises, giving them the opportunity to transition to new phases of innovation….

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The discovery of many disruptive technologies has been a blessing to numerous enterprises, giving them the opportunity to transition to new phases of innovation. Of these, the location-based technologies had a significant impact on various enterprise operations, including resource management and business expansion. The GPS and IoT-powered solutions have brought a sense of collective collaboration across various business departments. By leveraging the best features of location-based technologies, corporates and enterprises can initiate digital transformation in their operations and activities.

According to new online data, it is estimated that the active IoT device count will exceed 25.4 billion by 2030

The network of interconnected devices and systems will bring forth new forms of innovation for organizations. The following article will shed insights on the best location-based technologies for businesses to take advantage of for operational efficiency and growth. 

#GPS technology for work safety and efficiency

Enterprises can leverage GPS technology in their applications to ensure employee safety and work efficiency. Monitoring an employee’s location becomes paramount when they are out in the field and performing a high-risk task. When the job demands an employee to travel to a remote area, GPS-enabled solutions allow the organization to keep tabs on the employee’s safety. The technology also facilitates workflow management, in addition to establishing safety measures. 

GPS-based location monitoring in business applications also facilitates integrating reactive itineraries for employees engaged in on-site works. It is possible to monitor an employee’s current work status and their latest logged-in tasks, and manage their overall productivity. This process ensures faster and smarter allocation of on-site tasks in relation to an employee’s present location, bringing quick solutions to customer demands. 

#Location intelligence to drive business expansions and identify bottlenecks

 If you are planning to embark on a  new business venture or simply looking for a solution to find out your operational bottlenecks, location intelligence is for you. The technology is helpful to collect and analyze data while you are running risk analysis for new expansions. Location intelligence technology can be used to understand certain demographic traits and find out about a specific area’s traffic patterns, customer behaviors, and shopping patterns. The following data can help corporates to define the best location for their new ventures and drive digital transformation through the process. 

When businesses have branches across multiple locations, it can be hard to keep tabs on the productivity of employees everywhere. Organizations can leverage location intelligence to monitor and manage the productivity of employees at any given location and look for operational bottlenecks and rectify them at the earliest. 

The data will share insights on the performance of the employees, the exact time they enter and leave the building, and information on the specific local business environment. All these insights allow organizations to facilitate smart decision-making and achieve the highest level of success. 

#IoT for a connected business environment

The IoT technology and connected devices have been driving innovation and enabling digital transformation across enterprises for quite some time. The technology creates an interconnected network of devices, systems, and sensors and facilitates automation across business sectors. The introduction of Bluetooth tags, sensors, beacons, and other internet-powered devices has ignited the creation of smart offices and businesses. 

IoT and its connected devices have the potential to revolutionize office settings. The technology enables automated employee login to specific systems, the faster and smarter transmission of data across devices, efficient ways to ensure customer retention, and more. The connected devices also enable real-time monitoring of organizational resources and assets. The technology can also be used to define restricted zones within the organizational premises and set real-time notifications to monitor unauthorized entry. 

Organizations across the globe are integrating IoT-powered solutions into their infrastructure to realize higher productivity and better savings

The age of digital transformation is upon us. Businesses and enterprises across the globe are all set to leverage location-based technology and services to take their operations to new heights of advancement. Hopefully, these latest technological advancements will open up endless possibilities for growing business ventures. 

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