The Smart way of Logistics
With the increase in demand for goods and services, the logistics industry has not only expanded globally, but has also made an impact in our day-to-day lives. This growth in globalization and e-commerce has created greater demand for a better and more cost-effective solution to improve operational efficiency. Our RTLS platform enables smarter inventory management and asset monitoring as a cost-effective and high RoI solution for the logistics industry.

How does it work ?

Typical Benefits

Smart Warehouse

Automate warehouses using RTLS for locating employees, assets, alert generation and boost the ROI on the operations aspects

Employee Visibility & Safety

Ensure safety of employees with RTLS by setting emergency alerts system for safety violation and indoor navigation

Asset Management

Reduce human interaction in inventory and asset management with instant data on goods left, vacant space utilization and more

Environment Monitoring

Regulate working conditions with smart sensors to check on physical parameters like temperature, humidity etc.

Real-Time Dashboards. Powerful Insights.

Our application dashboards let you locate, manage, and optimize your business. Visualize your healthcare operations in real-time.

Effective Facility Utilization

Enable maximum use of resources while maintaining less costs

Quick Search

Search for a person among the list of employees

Visual Location

Locate them on the floor plan in real-time


Search for a person among the list of employees

Case Studies

Experience faster and smoother operations using IoT

Learn how IoT RTLS has helped industries attain higher operational efficiencies in lesser time