Device manager

Device Manager

A customer portal to manage, configure and experience our hardware

Device Manager is the one-stop solution for Pinmicro hardware owners to check and configure their hardware. This portal allows users to configure and set various parameters of the hardware like transmission power, broadcast range and more features to suit the customer specific requirements. Latest firmware and updates are made available regularly for customers to make sure our hardware is up to date and delivers the best performance.

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SDK & Documentation Downloads

SDK Version Size Download Documentaion Downloads
Android SDK 1.1 4.82 MB Download SDK Java Docs QuickStart
iOS SDK 1.1.5 7.03 MB Download SDK Apple Docs QuickStart

Location Studio

Curious about RTLS ? Pinmicro created a simple application for experiencing the capabilities of RTLS on our platform and hardware called Location Studio. Location Studio is a web portal with a mobile application that enables you to see and feel how Pinmicro’s hardware and software work together to deliver powerful real-time location and movement analytics in a virtual environment. It gives the users flexibility to design floors, place sensors and gateways, try out a whole solution scenario all in one place. Go ahead and see for yourself at our customer portal.

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Explore the world around you using location based information delivery and contextual awareness capabilities of BeaconPlus application. To use this app, kindly register your organisation with Pinmicro

The app works in conjunction with BeaconPlus cloud and Apple’s latest iBeacon technology. You can access the many new features of BeaconPlus cloud here