Beacon Tag
Beacon Tag is a small wireless Bluetooth low energy device that broadcasts radio signals, which most of the BLE(iBeacon) enabled devices can detect.

• BLE 4.2 / Bluetooth 5.0 / iBeacon
• Custom action button.
• Replaceable battery
• Buzzer and light
• Small and Compact size

Beacon Card is our most preferred hardware that leverages our IoT RTLS platform. They continuously keep transmitting Bluetooth signals which will be received by Bluetooth sensors and send location data and other information to the Cloud. These devices are IP66 rated which makes them resistant to water and dust. Beacon Cards resemble a credit card size in thickness which makes them easy to use & handle. They have applications in multiple industries and range from ID cards to Booth Tagging and more

Sample application #1

Beacon Tags can be used to know the accurate location data of an asset in the facility and also includes data like time spent, path traced and more.

Sample application #2

Beacon Tags are very useful to keep track of personal belongings by obtaining their location data.
Property Value Unit
Radio Frequency Band 2.4 GHz
RF Protocol BLE 5.0
Transmitting powers +4,+3,0,-4,-8,-12,-16,-20,-40 dB
Receiver sensitivity -93 dB
Size & Weight Width 37 mm
Height 37 mm
Thickness 6.20 mm
Weight 10 gm
Power Battery CR2032
Case Material ABS plastic
Operating Temperature -10 to +60 °C
Operating Voltage 3 V
Battery life* 2 Years

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