Cloud Sense – P3U

• BLE 4.2 / Bluetooth 5.0 / LTE or Wifi
• LORA (optional), NBIoT(optional)
• Power over Ethernet (POE) support
• IoT gateway
• Multifunctional Power support

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CloudSense-P3U is the IoT device using Bluetooth low energy technology that can detect and collect information from surrounding beacons and transfer it to the cloud through a LAN, Wifi or even the latest LORA technology. CloudSense has built-in storage capability to keep collected information. It also supports Power-over-Ethernet (POE) connectivity.

Sample application #1

CloudSense P3U can be used to transfer location information and other relevant data from Beacons to the Cloud through multiple connectivity methods like LTE, Wifi, ethernet and LORA

Sample application #2

Property Value Unit
Radio:Bluetooth RF protocol BLE
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
Transmitting power 0 or -20 dB
Receiver Sensitivity -93 dB
Radio : Wifi RF protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
Transmitting power 25 dB
Size and Weight Length 114 mm
Width 63 mm
Height 12 mm
Color Black/White
Weight 50 gm
Power USB 5 V
Memory Flash 2 Mbit
EPROM 1 Mbit
Case material ABS plastic
Operation Operating temperature -10 to +60 °C

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