Wearable Watch Beacon

• BLE 4.2 / Bluetooth 5.0 / iBeacon
• NFC (optional)
• IP67 rated [Water proof / Dust proof]
• LED notification light
• Rechargeable Battery

These beacons that can be worn on the wrist by the users. The beacon detects location data and also vital information of the wearer’s body and send them to a custom mobile app or directly to the solution’s cloud server. They are IP67 rated waterproof devices, has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer sensor coupled a motion sensor.

Sample application #1

Wearable Watch Beacons can be as a portable beacon which collects location data in real-time and sends them to the Cloud and also uses the accelerometer to enable features like fall detection.

Sample application #2

Item Value Remarks
Case Color silver gray Other colors can be customized
Main Material ABS
Battery Model Lithium polymer battery Lithium battery,80mAH 3.7V
Battery Lifetime About 50 days At default settings ② and without selfdischarge factor
Operation Voltage 3.3V DC
Waterproof Level IP67
Static Current 14.7 uA Device is power off
Average Current 50 uA At default settings ③
Transmission Range <55m 4dBm TX power,in the open space
Antenna 50ohm On board/PCB Antenna
Size Body size: 40.89×20.18x12mm
Wearable range: 13cm~21cm
Refer to mechanical draws for details
Net Weight 24.8g With battery
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +60ºC
Storage Temperature 20 ~ +30ºC
NFC NFC tag Only NFC tag is supported(The signalling type is NFC-A). You can wake up the Beacon from NFC(The Beacon will be turned on after touching NFC reader).

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