Returns and Warranty Policy

            Last-Modified: August 17, 2020

The Pinmicro Corporation (“Pinmicro”) builds its success on the trust its customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders place in our ability to provide premier location products and services.  Return and Warranty Policy is subject to the Terms of Service. Terms used here and not defined are included in the Terms of Service.

All hardware products from Pinmicro Inc. come with a 12-month warranty. The warranty period, excluding the battery, starts from the date of shipment. If your hardware breaks down or malfunctions during the warranty period (due to a manufacturing defect), we will replace it free of charge, including the shipping fee for the replacement hardware. If the approximate shipping cost exceeds the price of the hardware to be replaced, or if the replacement is refused, the warranty does not apply.

Warranty does not apply in the following cases

Pinmicro reserves the right to determine in good faith and in its sole discretion whether a manufacturing defect caused a malfunction or was caused by any of the above reasons.

To exercise the guarantee, please contact first. Our support staff will contact you to confirm the status. Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping charges and possible damages incurred during shipping.

We do not accept returns for properly functioning hardware, for good reason or without prior consultation or explanation. The terms of use stipulate the customer’s rights when the hardware is provided to the customer in an inadequate state.

For consumers subject to consumer protection law or regulation in the country of purchase or residence: The benefits provided by the warranty are all rights and regulations under such consumer protection law and regulation. In addition to remedies, it includes, but is not limited to, additional rights. Such consumers may also have the right to return the hardware within a certain period of time after purchase. If you have any questions, please contact We will be happy to assist you in confirming your proper consumer rights. Please note that this is not legal advice, but merely friendly assistance, and we cannot guarantee that our investigation is accurate.

The hardware provided to you in connection with this Agreement is provided as “As is” (as is). Apart from the above warranties, we include the implied warranties of merchantability and FIFI, but we make no warranties or representations regarding performance, accuracy, reliability, or non-infringement, whether express or implied by the hardware.  Pinmicro does not guarantee that the operation of the hardware will not be interrupted, that no error will occur, or that the hardware will meet the expectations of the customer or a third party. Oral or written information or advice given by our representatives or employees does not create a warranty or extend the scope of our obligations.

Pinmicro will allow replacement of non-functional hardware or battery, even if the warranty has expired or does not apply for the above reasons, and in some cases may return the hardware for other reasons. However, the terms of such exchange or return shall be at the sole discretion of Pinmicro and shall be determined on an individual basis.