Pinmicro’s platform operates on the novel concept of real-time location systems which is integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and has built innovative location-based solutions on top of it. It provides the accurate indoor location of an asset or a person and also has a wide range of applications in multiple industries. What makes Pinmicro’s solution so unique is that it is a wholesome solution which includes Hardware, Software and the Platform all optimized to work seamlessly under the same handle.

BLE Devices

These devices are the face of our solutions. They’re strong, come in compact sizes, as thin as a credit card or as even small as a tile that can fit inside the palm of your hand. On top of that, they’re water and dust resistant with a built-in battery life of up to four years*.



The communication between BLE devices and a network happens with the help of a gateway. Bluetooth signals from the BLE devices are received by a gateway which we normally call them as ‘Sensors’ and they push these data to the internet.



Data sent by Gateways to the internet are actually sent to a central area called a Platform. This is where the gathered data and information are processed, consolidated, formed into presentable bits and made available to application developers. Leveraging the IoT RTLS technology, Pinmicro’s solutions provide accurate location data, spot locating, indoor navigation paths with related analytics

Our Movement and Behavioural Analysis engines incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create powerful workflow rules which generate highly accurate Location Intelligent alerts and notifications in the form of dashboards, reports, graphs etc.

In addition to the above, with API engines which leverage our BLE hardware’s capabilities, advanced features like voice activated commands, object identification and facial recognition are made available in the Solutions.


Advanced Algorithms

The part where the data received on the internet is processed is done by advanced and robustly designed algorithms which intricately assess and analyze every bit of information to give the most accurate results for our solutions to work flawlessly.