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The RTLS Revolution of Retail has begun
The retail industry is on a steady pace in embracing real-time tracking systems across stores globally. Our RTLS platform helps in understanding customer behavior, generates relevant data and information to generate better ROI and customer experiences. The platform can also provide personalized suggestions or prompts to prospective customers which helps broaden a stores’ reach beyond its physical walls.

How does it work ?

Typical Benefits


Increase the consumer base by reaching more customers using IoT RTLS in the store locations

Customer Engagement

Increase customer relationship with RTLS by giving offers and discounts to their personal devices without manual intervention and more

Electronic Shelf Label

The prices on product shelves can be updated in by integrating IoT-based RTLS to store’s central control server in real-time

In Store Movement

Enhance user experience for customer with features like In-store navigation, recommendations for regular visitors and more

Better ROI

Using our AI-powered analytics, assess and strategize the sales reports, and boost ROI in shorter periods of time.

Real-Time Dashboards. Powerful Insights.

Our application dashboards let you locate, manage, and optimize your business. Visualize your healthcare operations in real-time.

Effective Facility Utilization

Enable maximum use of resources while maintaining less costs

Quick Search

Search for a person among the list of employees

Visual Location

Locate them on the floor plan in real-time


Search for a person among the list of employees

Case Studies

Faster profit with IOT RTLS

Learn how RTLS has brought in huge ROIs in shorter periods of time…