Smart Workspaces

The future of Smart Buildings and offices is here now
IoT-based Real-time location systems (RTLS) incorporated office spaces are expected to see a rapid spike in the coming decades, and the technology continues to mature for monitoring both people and assets. Smart building solutions that use our IoT-based RTLS platform are deemed to be amongst the most innovative and future proof workspaces that has the potential of transforming and enhancing employee productivity in addition to increasing operational efficiency.

How does it work ?

Typical Benefits

Space Optimization

Office layouts which gives the best working efficiency can be designed with built-in floor plans in the RTLS solution


IoT based RTLS makes employee monitoring effortless in addition to indoor navigation for all employees to save time

Enhance Workflows

AI-powered analytics can help create highly scalable workflows for maximum ROI


Ensure maximum safety of employees with like Instant emergency alerts system, real-time monitoring of employees and more

Real-Time Dashboards. Powerful Insights.

Our application dashboards let you locate, manage, and optimize your business. Visualize your healthcare operations in real-time.

Effective Facility Utilization

Enable maximum use of resources while maintaining less costs

Quick Search

Search for a person among the list of employees

Visual Location

Locate them on the floor plan in real-time


Search for a person among the list of employees

Case Studies

Locating employees faster

Learn how with RTLS, the employees can be monitored in the office building