Travel & Tourism

Experience the Smart way of Travel and tourism
Travel & tourism industry is a very potential sector which can heavily reap the benefits that IoT-based RTLS technology has to offer. Out IoT RTLS platform enables automation, personalization, and an unparalleled customer experience to users. Along with streamlining day-to-day tasks that go into running key aspects of the industry, our platform can also help optimize usage of rooms in a hotel, automated touchless check-ins, alert passengers of their upcoming flight at airports, and even reduce energy costs.

How does it work ?

Typical Benefits

Smart Tourist Attractions

Enhance tourist experiences with real-time navigation, upcoming tourist attractions, smart itinerary planning and more with RTLS


Using RTLS, make the airports more proactive with dedicated Indoor navigation, automated self check-in and schedule notifications

Personalized Hotel Experience

IoT-based RTLS can give smart experiences to guests through welcome message display on arrival, hotel navigation, coupons and discounts alerts

Safety for Tour Groups

With RTLS, ensure safety of large groups with location monitoring, anti-loss alerts, in-app navigation of the area

Real-Time Dashboards. Powerful Insights.

Our application dashboards let you locate, manage, and optimize your business. Visualize your healthcare operations in real-time.

Effective Facility Utilization

Enable maximum use of resources while maintaining less costs

Quick Search

Search for a person among the list of employees

Visual Location

Locate them on the floor plan in real-time


Search for a person among the list of employees

Case Studies

IoT RTLS is empowering airports like never before

Learn how RTLS is helping airports enhance operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction