The Future of RTLS Technology in Healthcare

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The integration of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology in healthcare facilities has been a trending topic lately. The RTLS technology can help hospitals and clinics keep track of their resources and achieve optimum optimization in their work process. In addition to these, patient tracking using location solutions, especially connected wearables, are being practiced in some […]

Asset Tracking in Healthcare – Why Do You Need It?

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A well-developed asset tracking in healthcare facilitates higher operational efficiency and financial stability for the organization. Since hospitals possess countless equipment and other assets, effective asset tracking will promote easier allocation of resources and makes sure that none of the resources are stolen or misplaced.      Healthcare asset tracking has witnessed significant demands in recent years […]

Entering The New Era-Location Intelligence for Healthcare

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The demand for location intelligence solutions is growing across the healthcare sector. The technology is progressing rapidly and one of its many benefits for healthcare facilities is the refinement of their services. The technology has scaled the opportunities of medical management and has taken the industry to its next stage of innovation.    As the online […]

The rise of IoT digital transformation in the healthcare industry

rise of IoT digital transformation

IoT Digital transformation in healthcare has been the building block to a patient-focused approach to healthcare. This has helped healthcare providers streamline operations, understand what the patient requires, build loyalty and trust and offer a better user experience. That being said the concept of  IoT RTLS (real-time location systems) has been making even higher strides […]

IoT in healthcare – The boom is higher than ever now

Pinmicro transfroming the healthcare industry

IoT technology is gaining great traction in various industry sectors these days. One of the sectors in which it has already been established to a great extent is healthcare. A few years ago, medical practitioners were closely watching the development of IoT to see if it would be part of their future. Today, it is […]

The demand for IoT enabled healthcare is on the rise

Pinmicro transfroming the healthcare industry

The usage of the IoT in healthcare has sharply increased across various specific Internet of Things use cases. According to a report by Abura Networks, by next year, 87% of healthcare organizations will have adopted IoT. More than three quarters of these organizations believe that the technology will transform the healthcare industry. From 2018 until […]

Pinmicro, Japan partners with Tenxhealth Technologies, India to build advanced RTLS patient care solutions in healthcare

Pinmicro partners with Tenx Health Technologies

Kochi, India, January 7, 2019: We are happy to announce the signing of our new technology partnership with Tenxhealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore, a leading healthcare technology solution provider in India. Tenxhealth will leverage Pinmicro’s location detection platform to build an IoT enabled Real-Time Location Tracking Solution (RTLS) for hospitals. The solution can be harnessed […]

Revamping healthcare system in hospitals – IoT enabled monitoring devices

Beacon technology is positively impacting both individuals and enterprises, across diverse industries. In the healthcare space, beacon-enabled devices are impacting people throughout the industry, be it patients or healthcare providers. IoT based location tracking solutions can be harnessed for a host of functions like keeping track of devices, assets, and patients. The technology is among […]

IoT enabled health monitoring wearables are transforming the healthcare industry

Wearable watch beacon from Pinmicro

IoT technology has impacted various industries and had left its mark wherever it has been implemented. The impact of IoT is rising at such a tremendous rate these days that businesses that fail to integrate IoT to their solutions run the risk of being left behind. Similarly, IoT is solving many challenges in the healthcare […]