dSense for Corporates

The real-time location solution, dSense, with its digital twin attributes is all ready to transform the corporate sector. By creating digital twins of business operations and assets using location data, the solution enables organizations to scale their performance by identifying and rectifying bottlenecks. From minimizing resource wastage to scaling employee productivity and business performance, the […]

RTLS Technology to Resolve Arising Hybrid Workplace Challenges

RTLS Technology to Resolve Arising Hybrid Workplace Challenges-01 (1)

The raging pandemic had completely distorted the activities of the business sector. Companies were shut down and many resorted to remote working to ensure business continuity. As the situation began to improve, companies have begun to welcome their employees back to the offices. Many have established a hybrid working environment for their employees to ease […]

IoT is all set to change the world

Lately, there has been a natural gravitation to the Internet of Things. In general, IoT creates a higher level of awareness about the world around and helps monitor our reactions to the changing conditions created by this awareness. With IoT, we can manage our businesses and asset better-informed ways and we can make more timely […]

Welcome to the world of Best RTLS platform.

Technology has spread its wings in such a fashion that it has allowed many innovations to sow and prosper. The barriers have been broken and the horizon onto which the latest technologies can be applied has expanded seamlessly. Keeping this ample scope in mind, the makers of BeaconPlus product has hit the tech market by […]