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Technology has spread its wings in such a fashion that it has allowed many innovations to sow and prosper. The barriers have been broken…

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Technology has spread its wings in such a fashion that it has allowed many innovations to sow and prosper. The barriers have been broken and the horizon onto which the latest technologies can be applied has expanded seamlessly.


Keeping this ample scope in mind, the makers of BeaconPlus product has hit the tech market by storm. BeaconPlus has announced its advent in style with its wide diaspora of features speaking high of its credibility and usability. The services of the location-based information delivery system take a propelled position with the arrival of Beacon Plus. The ‘iBeacon’ certification stands as a testimony of the brilliance of the Pinmicro RTLS platform.

BeaconPlus offers an exciting range of solutions in the areas of

  • Proximity Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Digital Signage
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Inventory management

What is a Beacon?

If you go by the English dictionary, the word beacon would get a meaning ‘signal’. Beacon Plus beacon only inherits a part of that meaning into its features. A beacon in its simplest term is a small wireless device powered by coin – cell batteries. Being small they can be fitted to any space, indoor/outdoor. They are capable enough to emit tiny radio signals that can be detected by any smart devices.

This is where beacons take the prime stage in Beacon Plus. They serve purpose whenever there is a need for content delivery based on location. Smartphones coupled with the beacons establishes a firm path for location-based information delivery systems. Smartphones can detect the signals transmitted from the beacons and hence establishing the communication path. The BeaconPlus beacons have a life span of up to 2 years which makes them energy efficient as well as eco-friendly.

The BeaconPlus SDK:

Mobile applications are soaring into newer heights. The BeaconPlus SDK offers any application with the service of Beacon based promotion services. Integrating BeaconPlus SDK with the mobile applications establishes the all needed connection.

The SDK is designed with powerful API’s that considerably reduces the efforts of a developer. It allows indoor positioning and navigation even without writing complicated code. BeaconPlus SDK has the added advantage of supporting its own beacon as well as other vendor’s popular hardware.

BeaconPlus SDK uses the ‘Geo fencing Technology’ to cater to the need for location-based information delivery. The customizable Geo-Fencing technology enables various options like receiving location information even while the app is not running.

BeaconPlus Cloud:

The high-level security system of the BeaconPlus cloud ensures the complete safety of the data being stored in the cloud. Collections of multiple tools make BeaconPlus cloud a multi-faceted entity. The big chunks of data stored are processed to provide various analytic services. Moreover, the BeaconPlus cloud acts as a perfect single integrated platform to control beacons, contents etc.

BeaconPlus console facilitates the monitoring and management of the beacons in an easy and simpler manner. The beacon script in the Beacon Plus allows fast and quick deployment of various information that has to be pushed. All the activities of beacons are recorded and stored in the cloud. Analysis of this data accounts for various marketing and business services and the web-based reporting tool provides the same.

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