Establishing a Secure Environment for Students Coming Back School

The pandemic had set loose a long period of uncertainty for everyone around the world. Drastic measures were adopted to enforce social distancing to…

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Students Coming Back School

The pandemic had set loose a long period of uncertainty for everyone around the world. Drastic measures were adopted to enforce social distancing to keep the populace safe. One of those guidelines was the shutting down of educational institutions all across the globe. Students and teachers were encouraged to keep the system alive through online teaching classes.

After more than a year of online schooling, the government is now considering to re-open the gates and welcoming the students back. Since the uncertainty is still in the air, this article will focus on measures to be taken to keep the students safe during in-person classes.    

Keeping the Children Safe

With children returning to classrooms, the parents are on high alert to keep them healthy and secure. The following guidelines should be observed by the parents and the school management alike to promote an invulnerable surrounding for the students. 

#Vaccination– Measures to provide Covid-19 vaccination for children are under works and will be fully administered soon. When the time comes, make sure to arrange an appointment and get the children vaccinated on time. Timely vaccination will hamper the virus’s outspread

#Promoting social distancing– Optimum distance between children in the classrooms should be administered by the school management. Maintaining three feet of physical distance will help to reinforce the health protocols and keep the children and the staff safe. Make sure to strictly practice social distancing even after getting vaccinated, since there is always the possibility of virus transmission through contact. Schools should take maximum care to avoid mass gatherings and, if possible, use large spaces to distribute lunch and for other practices. 

#Masks– Wearing masks on the school premises will again help in slowing down the virus transmission. Face masks should cover the nose and mouth properly, and when combined with safe distancing, these measures will keep the students and faculty out of harm’s way. If any underlying health conditions prevent a child from wearing masks, consult with a physician before sending them to the school

#Promoting hygiene– Washing hands and sanitizing them at regular intervals will help to scale down the virus transmission. There are chances of surfaces being contaminated with infectious droplets from a sick person, so, washing hands frequently will stop the spread of the virus to the mouth or nose when students touch their face

#Screeing testing– Students and staff members who haven’t received their complete dose of vaccine should be encouraged to do screening testing. This testing should be done often and the results should be published quickly. All these practices add an extra layer of protection and keep the schools safe 

# Additional efforts– The schools should review and take proper measures to ensure the safety of children with chronic illness and disabilities. A proper plan has to be formulated by the administration before these students are asked to come to the premises. The school should have a plan in case a faculty or a student is tested positive. Rigorous cleaning practices should be established in the institution and the school bus drivers should be instructed to wear masks and maintain optimum social distance in their vehicles

#Ensure the safety protocols are effectively carried out in the schools– The health officials have already announced a set of protocols to be executed in every educational institution. Make sure that these guidelines are properly being followed in your child’s school. Before sending your kids to their classrooms, reach out to the administration and check if all the staff are vaccinated, find out how the school will be promoting social distancing and proactive hygiene practices 

#Talk to your kids– With the schools reopening after a long period, students will be thrilled to take a break from online classes and see their friends in person. But this does not mean that they are not anxious about the uncertainty lying ahead. Being back in a social environment after a long time can put pressure on children. They may be worried about wearing masks all day or being in contact with an affected person unknowingly. Initiate a conversation with your child. Allow them to share their concerns with you. Let them know of all the safety precautions being promoted on the school grounds, including the ones the students have to follow 

Schools are more than a medium of education. They are an effective platform where children develop and grow their social and emotional skills. With millions of children getting ready to go back to their classrooms, strict measures have to be laid down to promote their well-being. 

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