Hybrid Learning – Combining the Best of Both Worlds for Innovative Learning

Hybrid Learning - Combining the Best of Both Worlds for Innovative Learning-01

Hybrid learning is a leading synchronous practice that offers education to virtual and in-person students simultaneously, bridging the gap between the online and physical environments. This method of education has brought about flexibility and consistency in educational practices and stabilized the educational process in times of uncertainty. The COVID-19 outbreak had forced many educational institutions […]

Helping Students Navigate through the New Normal: Top Tips for Teachers


The pandemic had set forth a chain of disruptions in its wake. The implications of the Covid 19 were reflected in several sectors and it utterly changed everyone’s lives. Of the countless categories that suffered during the pandemic, students were one of the primary groups to have been through the worst.   The closure of educational […]

Watch Out for these Education Trends in 2022


The educational industry has been under a series of trials and tribulations, following the worldwide pandemic. The industry that has been around for many years, embarked on a new journey in the face of uncertainty. With technology as its ally, the education industry was able to transition to its new phase and reinvent itself. The […]

Top Tips for Creating Interactive Classrooms


There are only the chosen few who actually enjoy the whole learning process. For the rest of us, the whole routine may seem monotonous and borderline wearisome. The one-person show, with the teacher sharing the information and the students dedicatedly listening to them, has become an outdated process. Many teaching professionals have taken this matter […]

The Importance of Smart Classes in Redefining the Education System

Many of us can agree that learning can be quite a tedious process, or at least until now.  With the integration of technology into the education system, smart classes were born, bringing radical changes to the learning process. Smart classes leverage technology through powerful visualizers, projectors, amplifiers, smartboards, and more to create an interactive learning […]

Establishing a Secure Environment for Students Coming Back School

Students Coming Back School

The pandemic had set loose a long period of uncertainty for everyone around the world. Drastic measures were adopted to enforce social distancing to keep the populace safe. One of those guidelines was the shutting down of educational institutions all across the globe. Students and teachers were encouraged to keep the system alive through online […]

The definitive guide for teachers to conduct online classes

The definitive guide for teachers to conduct online classes

With Covid still ravaging, the majority of schools worldwide are still operating in remote learning environments. That being said, teachers might have hit a bit of a learning curve adjusting to teaching students online. Keeping that in mind, here are a bunch of tips that teachers can follow to liven up their online classes: 1. […]

A guide to ensure the safety of students during online learning sessions

stay safe in online classes

Now that the “new normal” is going to still linger for a little while longer, it’s still hard to believe that almost a year ago that schools and learning had taken a hard hit forcing children to take online classes from home instead of going to school. For the major part of 2020,  we have […]

Back to School: Smart and Safe

Back to School Smart and Safe

COVID-19 has been devastating the everyday activities of the general public and this has led to a halt in operations of educational institutions. As things start getting back to the ‘new normal’, new and innovative features have been added to eduplus to enable the school management, parents, teachers, and students to get back on track […]