iCling – The perfect guardian for your treasured belongings

Do you misplace your things often – be it keys, wallet, or smartphone? Finding things misplaced or lost can be quite frustrating at times….

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iCling, an innovative beacon to monitor personal belongings


Do you misplace your things often – be it keys, wallet, or smartphone? Finding things misplaced or lost can be quite frustrating at times. Luckily, there’s technology to help.

iCling is a tiny Bluetooth tracker device that helps you find anything that you have misplaced, forgot, or lost. The tracker works in integration with the iCling mobile application for iOS and Android. All you have to do is this – Simply attach the iCling to your everyday items, and if you can’t find them, open up the application and tap the name of the item from the list. The iCling attached to the item will start ringing and you can locate it easily.

What if you have left it somewhere far? Even if you’re farther away, you can still find your lost stuff as iCling application shows its last known location on a map, so you might see you left your wallet at the office, for example.

If you still can’t find your stuff, expand your search to other iCling app users and find it with their help. The community search feature of iCling makes it possible. Whenever your lost item comes in the vicinity of other iCling users, the application notifies you on its last found location, thus helping you find it.

With iCling, you will never lose your phone again. iCling can make your phone ring, even when in silent mode. If you happen to misplace your phone, just tap your iCling and your phone will start ringing. It’s as easy as that!

It’s not just about finding your belongings. iCling is capable of much more. It can even save you from danger. The emergency SOS feature of iCling lets you set any contact from your phone as an emergency contact in the application. In case of an emergency situation, Just press and hold your iCling for five seconds and it will immediately send an SMS to your emergency contacts, along with your location. This will help them reach out to you on time and do the appropriate to get you out of trouble.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your iCling now!

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