The building blocks for the Future of Construction
The construction industry is now ready for fundamental changes that enable productivity and safety. IoT-based RTLS technology is provides cost effective real-time communication that lets users know what’s happening at every stage of the construction process, from planning to actual construction, along with insights on how tools are being operated during construction. Our IoT based RTLS platform helps streamline construction processes to generate increased efficiencies and improve responsiveness to the increasing demands of the industry.

How does it work ?

Typical Benefits


RTLS helps maintain the safety of the crew with features hazardous area alerts, location monitoring & activity analyzer

Equipment Monitoring

Eliminate human intervention in checking operating status, location information, ,aintenance schedule and more with RTLS in real-time

Workflow Streamlining

Obtain useful AI-powered analytics streamline workflows for faster project execution, minimal investment, and maximum ROI

Asset Optimization

Save time and effort on inventory and asset management with real-time asset monitoring, path tracing of assets, utilization time using RTLS

Work-hour Monitoring

RTLS ensures proper work monitoring of the crew with location analysis, time spent statistics, idle status checker and more

Real-Time Dashboards. Powerful Insights.

Our application dashboards let you locate, manage, and optimize your business. Visualize your healthcare operations in real-time.

Effective Facility Utilization

Enable maximum use of resources while maintaining less costs

Quick Search

Search for a person among the list of employees

Visual Location

Locate them on the floor plan in real-time


Search for a person among the list of employees

Case Studies

Witness innovation in construction with IOT

Learn how RTLS is helping Construction companies save money and effort in ensuring safety