How assistplus reshaped an Indian construction company using our RTLS technology

How dSense reshaped an Indian construction company using our RTLS technology

dSense RTLS
Key Highlights

  • Real-time location monitoring of labourers and assets at construction sites

  • Automated attendance logging of labourers

  • Generation of real-time reports and analytics for performance reviews

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Our client is an Indian construction company that focuses on large scale construction projects all over the country with significant experience and a good track record in handling big construction projects. Most recently, they grabbed the Construction World Award for their contribution to the industry and timely completion of projects.


Our client’s primary requirement was to track their equipment and other assets at their construction sites. In addition to this, monitoring labourers who worked 24/7 in different shifts posed a hectic challenge at large construction sites. They were in need of a solution that could provide an effective way to track their equipment, labourer working hours and location.
Solution Requirements

  • Effective system to track labourer location

  • Real-time equipment monitoring system

  • Automated attendance of labourers

  • Real-time reports and analytics


By deploying dSense, our IoT based location and live analytics solution, our client was able to track their labourers and assets in real-time. Bluetooth Smart Beacon Cards were installed on the labourers’ safety caps, Bluetooth Smart Tags were attached to assets and CloudSense devices were installed across various locations at the construction site. Bluetooth signals transmitted from Smart Beacon Cards were picked up by CloudSense devices and sent to the dSense cloud in real-time. This automated their attendance process, while administrators also obtained real-time analytics and reports like the time spent at each location, exact location of the labourers and assets.

With dSense, our client was able to successfully monitor their assets, maintain correct and proper work logs of the labourers without any type of manual intervention. This resulted in significant savings in project costs and increase in project efficiencies for the client.
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