A future proof school management system? It’s eduplus

The demand for school management systems and online learning platforms have risen exponentially in just a couple of months ago thanks to a global…

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The demand for school management systems and online learning platforms have risen exponentially in just a couple of months ago thanks to a global pandemic ravaging every part of the globe. Were there any solution like these before the pandemic? If yes, were they as good as they are right now? Will the demand dwindle off once the pandemic is over? These are looming questions one might ask. The real question should be, are these school management systems offering any value once the pandemic is over, and can they be successful products?

eduplus was launched months before people even came to know about Covid-19 and was already gearing up for a revolution to ensure student safety and security coupled with an excellent school management system. This was made possible with Pinmicro’s expertise in the technology called Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and class-leading hardware designed and built in-house. So not only does this make eduplus a very robust school management system, but once the pandemic is over, things will remain the same but with an added value and advantage of monitoring the safety and security of students in real-time. Smart ID cards will be provided to students and staff once the schools open which will be detected by Smart sensors placed across the school’s campus including the buses. With this, in addition to all the academic features in eduplus that enhance the efficiency and digital transformation of learning, school administrators can easily identify the location of students and staff in real-time and also set alerts if students wander off to risky areas like swimming pools or so. This is just one example of how the seamless hardware and software integration of eduplus makes it the most unique and one-of-a-kind solution in the field of education. 

eduplus is not done just yet. Just because a pandemic is over may necessarily not mean that all is well and safe out there. To go a step further, eduplus has been upgraded with features that will ensure and enforce proper safety standards and protocols. A few main features are given below: 

  • Infection Control – In an unforeseen situation where a child is reportedly confirmed with any kind of contagious infections and has been brought to the School’s notice, the path taken by the child while in school, including the children he/she has been interacting with can be all be monitored and obtained as qualitative data for mitigation purposes.
  • Hygiene – Various sensors attached to hygiene stations in the school like sanitizing booths etc. will be constantly keeping monitoring how they are maintained by cleaning staff  and also monitors if the school staff, teachers, and students regularly use them to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the premises
  • Touchless Attendance – To automate attendance procedures and also prevent any unnecessary physical contact like Biometric scanners to control infection spread, this unique feature enables the attendance to be logged while students just walk in with their Smart ID cards into the classroom.

All of these features and capabilities make eduplus, the best school management system out in the market; the number of schools adopting eduplus as their daily drivers are increasing day by day and for those schools who are yet to join the eduplus community, it’s about time. 

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