A new dawn for the future of events: eventplus online

A new dawn for the future of events: eventplus online

Events make up an integral part of any person’s life, be it casual or professional. But what is so interesting about professional events is the immense potential it brings to the people who were part of the event to network, forge partnerships and also gain new leads for prospective new business deals.  Capitalizing on this […]

Pinmicro makes Kochi Design Week India’s first event to use IoT-enabled smart technology

Kochi Design Week is India's first IoT Event by Pinmicro

Kochi: The recently-held Kochi Design Week (KDW) turned out to be the country’s first event to use IoT-enabled smart technology that improves visitor experience by carrying out real-time event analysis for managing proceedings, organizers said today. The Kerala government achieved this feat at last month’s KDW by partnering with Japanese startup Pinmicro — a location-based […]

BARK 2020 at Tokyo to deploy Pinmicro’s Eventplus

Pinmicro will deploy Eventplus at Bark Tokyo 2020

Yet again, Pinmicro will be deploying Eventplus, a proprietary IOT based live event analysis and management solution; and this time its BARK 2020, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The event will be held in Tokyo on February 19th & 20th, 2020 and is a tech geek’s dream convention where like minds who […]

India’s Largest Design Festival to Leverage Pinmicro’s solution, Eventplus

India’s largest design festival, the Kochi Design Week is right around the corner and everyone can feel the buzz of the preparations reverberating the city of Kochi as they await this highly anticipated event to kick start on December 12 to 14th, 2019 which will be held at the Bolgatty Event Centre. This three-day event […]

BLE based IoT solutions foray into the Event Management industry

Eventplus : Real time visitor engagement

Events have always been and still is an effective way to showcase anything; be it new product announcements or conferences and much more. But there are always looming questions like Are the exhibitors and attendees making potential deals & contacts or Which place in the event has the highest footfall or Which product is gaining […]

Official mobile application for Ceatec 2019 released

CEATEC 2019 powered by Pinmicro

We are excited to announce that we have released the official mobile application for Ceatec 2019. The application is now available for Android and iOS users. Ceatec is Japan’s largest IT and electronics exhibition and conference. It’s the Japan equivalent of mega trade shows like CES in the US and IFA in Europe. The application […]

CEATEC 2017で捉えるIoTの現在地>スケジューラーをメディアに!? IoTで変えていく従来の価値

CEATECの受付を抜けると、まず目に飛び込んでくるのは展示会場入口に設置されたリアルタイムの会場ヒートマップ。公式アプリパートナーに選定されたジョルテ(下花剛一代表取締役社長)の企画だ。ジョルテでは今回、同社のスマホカレンダーアプリ「ジョルテ」上に、イベントにあわせて「CEATECモード」を実装した。CEATECモードがオンになっているスマホのBluetooth機能を介して、全ブースに設置したPinmicro(クルヴィラ.ティビ代表取締役)のビーコンが反応。会場のリアルタイムなヒートマップを展開した。来場者はCEATECモードにすることで、自分が訪問したブースや滞在時間をアプリ上で確認したり、また各ブースが展開するパンフレットなどの表示ができるようになるという。 続きを読む https://www.weeklybcn.com/journal/news/detail/20171023_159116.html

Real-time heat map facility for CEATEC featured in leading Japanese journal

Pinmicro solutions continue to achieve wide recognition round the globe. The real-time heat map feature implemented in CEATEC 2017 in association with Jorte has been attaining wide appreciation. A leading Japanese journal featured an article regarding the solution. ‘Passing through the reception of CEATEC, the first thing you will jump into is the real-time venue […]


Real-time heatmaps of Pinmicro's Eventplus

幕張メッセ(千葉県千葉市)で10月6日まで開催されている「CEATEC JAPAN 2017」では、BLEビーコンを利用した会場内ヒートマップの提供サービスを行っている。なお、利用には株式会社ジョルテが手がけるカレンダーアプリ「ジョルテ」(Android/iOS)が必要。 http://internet.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/event/1084342.html http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/event/15/091100139/100900082/?ST=SP&P=1 http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/event/15/091100139/100900082/?ST=SP&P=2