Helping Students Navigate through the New Normal: Top Tips for Teachers

The pandemic had set forth a chain of disruptions in its wake. The implications of the Covid 19 were reflected in several sectors and…

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The pandemic had set forth a chain of disruptions in its wake. The implications of the Covid 19 were reflected in several sectors and it utterly changed everyone’s lives. Of the countless categories that suffered during the pandemic, students were one of the primary groups to have been through the worst.  

The closure of educational institutions during the peak of the pandemic resulted in the disruption of learning of almost 1.6 billion students across the globe. 

And now, as the situation has significantly improved, schools and universities have reopened by strictly following the guidelines. The students get to receive their classes in person and spend quality time with their friends after a long period of time. Even though this would be an exciting prospect for many students, some may have a difficult time getting back to their regular routine. The pandemic had different effects on every single student and it could have affected their mental well-being too. To help students get through the new changes, teachers and the administration can follow certain guidelines. Read below for some quick tips to help students transition to the new normal. 

Following the Best Practices to Support Students

# Help students reconnect with their routines and listen to their concerns

After a long period of seclusion and virtual classes, students may find it difficult to get back to their usual school routines. Teachers can take time to listen to their students and help them navigate as they return to school. Give students ample time to reconnect with their friends and also give them room for recreational activities. 

The period of isolation following the pandemic had adverse effects on students’ mental well-being. Teachers can initiate one-on-one conversations with their students and ask them to share their concerns and take effective actions immediately. 

# Be transparent about what has happened and what will happen

The feeling of uncertainty still looms in the air even when students step into classrooms after a long period. To help them cope with the new normal, the teachers and school authorities have to be transparent about what has happened and what the students can expect in the coming days, especially in relation to the school and university activities. This practice will also allow students to mentally prepare for what is about to come.  

# Provide factual data about the pandemic

Students will be naturally curious to know all about the Covid 19 pandemic. All of them may have specific questions about the pandemic. Teachers can use appropriate resources to share information with students. They should also make sure that students are aware of the Covid 19 protocols and also inform them of the measures taken to ensure their safety in schools or universities

# Integrate mindfulness in academic activities

Being mindful means being fully aware of the present moment and being able to take part in it with ease. Practicing meditation, breathing exercises and other relaxing techniques helps in attaining mindfulness in classrooms. This technique can help students with their mental health, by significantly reducing stress and anxiety and boosting self-awareness. 

# Sharing can help

Encourage students to communicate and open up about what they are feeling. Build a positive environment in classrooms, where the students can freely express themselves. Sharing their thoughts personally with a teacher or with a friend will help them to cope with the challenging times. Teachers can even arrange anonymous online forums to facilitate such discussions.

# Consistency is the key

A fixed session to share thoughts and feelings will help the students to reflect upon their emotions and consequently help them to relieve stress and anxiety. Appointing a dedicated time for these discussions will help the students to feel heard and will give them the confidence to face the uncertainty. Activities like these encourage them to open up and share their pent-up feelings and the troubles they went through during the pandemic.

The above tips will help to a great extent in guiding students as they return to their classrooms. In case a student shows any signs of anxiety or depression, make sure to alert their parents and get proper care from the experts. 

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