The definitive guide for teachers to conduct online classes

The definitive guide for teachers to conduct online classes

With Covid still ravaging, the majority of schools worldwide are still operating in remote learning environments. That being said, teachers might have hit a bit of a learning curve adjusting to teaching students online. Keeping that in mind, here are a bunch of tips that teachers can follow to liven up their online classes: 1. […]

Take your school online with less effort.


Running day-to-day operations and school activities while ensuring your students are safe when at school can be challenging by itself. Now, with the pandemic taking over, you’ll need the collaborative efforts of a business solution to hold together your everyday business, operation, and academic tasks. The latest version of EduPlus is that very marvel. A […]

Pinmicro is gearing up for the official India launch of Eduplus version 2.0

Eduplus Version 2.0 has been launhced on January 16th 2020

Pinmicro will be launching the second and more advanced iteration of its smart education and school safety and analysis solution specially designed for educational institutions, Eduplus version 2.0, with an aim of paving the way for the digital transformation of schools and colleges across the globe. An official India launch ceremony will be held at […]

Child safety in school buses – it’s time to take action

Sending a child to school by bus can be nerve-wracking for parents. From the moment a kid leaves home or boards the bus, parents start worrying about whether they are safe on the bus and whether they reached the school safely. Statistics by WHO says that 41% of deaths of children in India are because […]

Finding your kid’s passion – the techie way

Maria, a friend of mine has been working in the advertising industry for many years now. During a casual talk, she mentioned how disconnected her resume was. She studied an engineering course and after changing her jobs in various technical roles, finally took up a role in the advertising field, where she had always wanted […]

Child safety – Understanding the potential hazards

Child safety continues to be one of the major issues that need to be addressed in today’s society. Millions of children around the world are at the risk of either being exploited or assaulted. Parents certainly have their hands full trying to keep their children safe from the clutches of such atrocities. Alarming statistics that […]


The big month emphasizes the significance and value of keeping our children safe and well. Child safety not only at home but also in all the diverse contexts like school, playschool, gardens, and all premises. Least we could do to prevent the impending troubles that surround them is to provide a warm, learning atmosphere at […]

The Different Parameters of Eduplus

A greater sense of security in schools can be achieved when parents come up with worries and anxiety regarding their children, the later arrivals, the miscommunication with the school authorities, and so on. In this context, we introduce you to EDUPLUS, the smart solution that PINMICRO provides. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that whichever […]


SAFE PARENTING WITH PINMICRO As we know good parenting helps to foster good values and also promotes a lot of qualities in your child. However, prior to investing efforts in nourishing the qualities at a random number, it’s very important that you get to know about the precise talents and skills in your child. It […]