Pinmicro joins hands with Toppan, and NEXPOINT to release new IoT service

Toppan Printing  Co. Ltd, Japans largest system integrator, along with Pinmicro and Nexpoint has developed a new employee management system called “BLE / NVR  monitoring…

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Toppan Printing  Co. Ltd, Japans largest system integrator, along with Pinmicro and Nexpoint has developed a new employee management system called “BLE / NVR  monitoring service”, which is using Bluetooth technology to collect employees identification information such as name, location and so on which in turn gets  integrated with the camera monitoring video . This helps in precise managing of its employees. It enables you to build a management system with lower costs involved.

This service is efficient and defined in a way that its usage is not limited to indoors such as a factory or a warehouse, but also for outdoors such as a construction site. Toppan is going to launch the pilot version of this service on September 2016, and start this service as early as March 2017.

BLE/NVR monitoring service is a joint venture that was developed in association with Pinmicro KK (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tiby Kuruvila) by virtue of the BLE technology and NEXPOINT Inc. (Location: Cyuou-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihiro Sakuma) by means of NVR technology.

It helps us to track the location of the employee precisely by integrating the data obtained through the BLE sensors with the monitor video.

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A case scenario 

For a construction site, the first and foremost action is to set a monitor camera that contains BLE sensor. Employees should then be assigned or authorize to carry BLE device (card type) as their ID cards. When they come near the camera, the sensor detects the BLE devices in its vicinity and collects information such as the time at which the person was located, the exact location and who the person is, you can check those data by tablet devices or PC. Furthermore, this service displays the employee’s information collected by BLE sensors on monitor video’s images, which enables you to easily verify the person on the images. Employees do not have to touch the card reader. In other words there is absolutely no need of a touch action.

This service can detect accurate location and monitor it by using BLE sensor developed by Pinmicro and NVR system developed by NEXPOINT.Compared to other services, it is easier to initiate this service. You can also cut the costs of initiation by about 50%.

This service was displayed at the Auto ID Expo (Location: Tokyo Big site, Organised by Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association) which was held from Sept. 14 th to 16 th 2016. The event garnered interests from many quarters.

Why this service?

Recently, in building industry, there are increasing needs to get accurate location information of employees as it is vital for the managers to record the entry/exit of employees for improved security and safety.  Managers had deployed Video cameras to monitor the employees, however since it cannot provide the accurate location information of employees, it was considered not sufficient to manage the employees. In any Wi-Fi monitoring service or for that matter any other monitoring service, employees need to have touch ID card readers for the managers to collect the information .The problem with such a service is that the managers may not be able to collect the exact information because in many cases the employees might forget to perform the touch action with their card readers. Furthermore, in order to collect accurate location information, lots of sensors and cameras had to be set inside the facility and this leads to higher initiation costs.

In order to solve these problems, Toppan developed a new system that enables you to manage employees’ location information by integrating video camera’s images and location information. It is cheaper to install this system, mainly because it is using BLE technology.


–  BLE location detection technology and NVR monitor video system enables accurate location management.
–  It is a Low cost service
– Active tags or Wi-Fi system was difficult to introduce because hardware was expensive. By using BLE technology and cloud environment service, introduction costs became lower.


Toppan’s goal is to achieve ¥100,000,000- revenue in 2017 by offering this service and orders related to this service.
Furthermore, Toppan is going to develop technologies with Pinmicro and NEXPOINT and expand the use of this service to commercial facilities, health facilities, and so on.

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