What better place than your fortress to protect your tiny tots from all the danger that lurks out? There is no counter point to…

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What better place than your fortress to protect your tiny tots from all the danger that lurks out? There is no counter point to the cliché idea that the safest place for your little ones would very much be your home. It is quite unreasonable to interfere in your child’s world, keeping a check on every activity that runs down his list.  Children are such delicate beings, their small world having zillion expressions. So what more comforting than having a smart solution of getting to monitor how well your child’s doing the whole day without playing the conventional ‘STRICT TEACHER’ part. You sure would not want to stumble on their little world of happiness. PINMICRO hence, put forth the smartest solution of all times!

We generate the most accurate location based services in diverse sectors for enabling a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the advancement in our technology, keeping track of children has become much easier. For hover parents who constantly worry where your child is, we provide easy solution to track your child. The accelerated maturity of today’s children contributes to their misguided route in life towards plenty of mal practices. Therefore, our devices primarily focuses on monitoring and attendance management of students in school. Giving you exact information of the student whereabouts and their frequent movement in school premises. The information thus helps parent track their children’s behavioural aspects too. The details of the activities he/she gets involved in gives you an overall report of their interest, likes and dislikes. A time when we rarely have any guarantee over the safety measures upon our kids and have so much fear about their travel related needs, we present you the whole information check of your child in digital form, unusual exits would be determined. The entry zone of schools could be marked safe in order to avoid entry of any illegal element in the premises. These notifications thus helps gives you all that you want to know about your dear ones.

Nonetheless, a child presents a terrifying paradox for mothers and fathers, in that the time when you must learn to let them go is the very time their need for guidance is the greatest because the consequences they potentially face are the direst. So, PINMICRO shares the idea that the common ground shared by parents and the children is a great place to begin establishing communication.

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