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Running day-to-day operations and school activities while ensuring your students are safe when at school can be challenging by itself. Now, with the pandemic…

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Running day-to-day operations and school activities while ensuring your students are safe when at school can be challenging by itself. Now, with the pandemic taking over, you’ll need the collaborative efforts of a business solution to hold together your everyday business, operation, and academic tasks.

The latest version of EduPlus is that very marvel.

A customer relations management (CRM) system integrated real time location system (RTLS) and IoT-based solution for educational institutions, EduPlus is designed to resolve challenges around daily operations, analyzing and managing school activities while offering behavioral and location insights in real time.

Now, with its newly launched online classroom feature, EduPlus has become a one-of-its-kinddigital platform, for the all-in-one innovative solution offers the convenience of taking your classroom into your students’ home. That’s something you’d agree is crucial especially during pandemic or lockdown periods when social distancing might disallow normal classes.

Get online

Schools that have incorporated EduPlus in their school management system can stream real-time online virtual classroom programs via streaming platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. EduPlus also offers in-built recording facilities to ensure classroom sessions are not missed if real-time virtual attendance may be difficult.

So, no matter where your students are located, you’re equipped to ensure they don’t miss their classes or assignments.

Essentially,EduPlus adds to your school’s virtual prowess while enabling remote accessibility.

Given below are other innovative features of EduPlus

  • Updating parents about their kids entering or exiting the school premises
  • Notifying authorities if students enter restricted zones such as swimming pool or laboratories
  • School bus tracking
  • Inbuilt attendance automation
  • Online fee payment conveniences
  • Student hygiene routine tracker (critical during a contagion or pandemic)
  • An infection-control feature to help identify contact patients if a student reports a contagious infection (thus helping in reducing the spread of the disease)
  • Hygiene feature to check if sanitizers in the school are stocked and hygiene practices are maintained by both staff and students
  • Easy access to information via website/app on hand-held devices (eliminating the need for constant visual monitoring, as with security cameras)
  • Nominally priced

How EduPlus works

Students and staff at educational institutions are issued ID cards with low-energy Bluetooth, which communicate with sensors placed around the premises to provide real-time statuses of students’ whereabouts.

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