Watch Out for these Education Trends in 2022

The educational industry has been under a series of trials and tribulations, following the worldwide pandemic. The industry that has been around for many…

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The educational industry has been under a series of trials and tribulations, following the worldwide pandemic. The industry that has been around for many years, embarked on a new journey in the face of uncertainty. With technology as its ally, the education industry was able to transition to its new phase and reinvent itself. The increasing adoption of online classes ensured continuous learning during the times the pandemic was at its peak. 

During the onset of the pandemic, around 98% of universities resorted to online classes to ensure uninterrupted learning for students. 

As we embark on a new year, here are a few of the latest trends to look out for in the educational sphere. These trends will help the sector to push its limits and continue to grow in the years ahead. 

A Peek into the Latest Education Trends

#Favoring hybrid learning

As the pandemic eased out, many educational institutions switched from online classrooms to in-person classes. But the uncertainty has forced the learning sector to choose hybrid classrooms to tackle the growing health concerns. In hybrid classes, around 93% of teachers were instructed to deliver classes in-person, while the student attendance was split between physical and virtual presence. The rising popularity of hybrid classrooms is still expected to continue in the coming years. 

#Rumors of extended reality in education

The application of extended reality in education is a concept that might take some time to come into motion. Yet, it is something that could revolutionize the education system. The applications of extended reality came to the limelight after Meta (formerly Facebook) announced its plans to build a metaverse by bringing together virtual and augmented reality. According to experts, extended reality denotes an online space that ‘extends’ the physical world using digital components. The term extended reality is used to denote virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality together under one single frame. 

#Refined gamification

Another trend to watch out for in 2022 is the rising popularity of gamification in the education system. As teachers try to gamify their sessions, the practices drive interest among students and make them more focused on what is being taught. One of the popular examples of gamification is using educational and fun board games to teach children otherwise complex topics.

#Honing soft skills

The real purpose of any education system should be to equip students with the knowledge to survive in the real world. The present teaching system has been leaning towards teaching techniques to help students hone their soft skills. By assisting and tutoring them in time management, communication skills, streamlining teamwork, conflict resolution, and more, we can help them be ready for a promising future.     

#AI-powered teaching sessions

The potential of AI programs is being increasingly explored in the educational sector. From automating the grading systems to employing AI teaching assistants, the expansion of technical innovation is visible in the education system. One of the popular applications of AI in learning is David Kellerman’s ‘Question Bot’. The bot was designed to offer answers to student queries and offer more insights into lecture sessions. The increasing exposure to questions prompted the bot to improve its performance, owing to its machine learning features.  

#Promoting microlearning

Microlearning involves bite-sized lessons that students can easily comprehend over a short period of time. These sessions happen over a short stretch of time and focus on simple topics. The basic idea behind the concept is to help students learn new topics frequently without taking a big chunk of their time. It is scientifically proven that students can retain information quickly when they study in short focused bursts and this type of learning using smartphones and other smart devices is more convenient for the younger generation.  

#Trending analytics and personalized learning

Learning analytics focuses on using data to improve learning experiences for students. By collecting student data by monitoring their online learning engagement, teachers can analyze their students’ performance beyond just grading their assignments and tests. 

The following data collected can be used to personalize the learning experience. As you realize the varying potential of students through the collected data, the information can be used to structure a system suitable for all students. Choice boards and flexible projects are some of the many tools that can be integrated into the educational system as part of personalized learning. 

These were some of the popular educational trends for 2022. The best thing about these trends is that they focus on refining and revolutionizing the educational system. At this rate, the education industry will see increasing innovations in the coming years.

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