Child safety – Understanding the potential hazards

Child safety continues to be one of the major issues that need to be addressed in today’s society. Millions of children around the world are at the risk of either being exploited or assaulted. Parents certainly have their hands full trying to keep their children safe from the clutches of such atrocities. Alarming statistics that […]


The big month emphasizes the significance and value of keeping our children safe and well. Child safety not only at home but also in all the diverse contexts like school, playschool, gardens, and all premises. Least we could do to prevent the impending troubles that surround them is to provide a warm, learning atmosphere at […]

The Different Parameters of Eduplus

A greater sense of security in schools can be achieved when parents come up with worries and anxiety regarding their children, the later arrivals, the miscommunication with the school authorities, and so on. In this context, we introduce you to EDUPLUS, the smart solution that PINMICRO provides. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that whichever […]


SAFE PARENTING WITH PINMICRO As we know good parenting helps to foster good values and also promotes a lot of qualities in your child. However, prior to investing efforts in nourishing the qualities at a random number, it’s very important that you get to know about the precise talents and skills in your child. It […]


What better place than your fortress to protect your tiny tots from all the danger that lurks out? There is no counter point to the cliché idea that the safest place for your little ones would very much be your home. It is quite unreasonable to interfere in your child’s world, keeping a check on […]